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A Lovely Couple

A lovely pair of Black-headed Grosbeaks



btw Norm, I really like your bird updates. Been a long stressful month, spent more or less in one chair at work or another set of chairs at home and the pics have been a pleasant surprise.

I am curous how the camera works though, as the pics have a great deal of variety.. do you move the camera day to day? Does it have some massive lens on it?

I started out with the Pictures taken with my BirdCam most of the earlier ones were taken with that. I also purchased a DSLR the Nikon D90 the package deal I got included two lenses. One is a 18-55 mm and the other is a 70-300 telephoto zoom. It is that camera and lens that I've taken most of the recent pictures I've posted. My bedroom has French Doors that open onto a deck attached to the rear of my house. My backyard as you can tell from some of the pictures is mostly filled with scrub oak, making it a nice spot for birds to congregate. My wife has a small fish pond full of goldfish, that has a couple of pumps circulating the water and so that too helps attract more birds. I'm able to open the door onto the deck and while still inside the house I have a great view of the feeders and nearby trees. The distance from the door to the edge of the deck and the feeders is no more than 10 feet or so and with the 70-300 lens it's like I'm able to reach out and touch them even when the birds are in the trees near the feeders I'm able to get some nice closeups. I also move the birdcam around a bit though lately I have it focused on the Hummingbird feeder. I've captured dozens of shots of the Black-chinned hummingbird, but rumor has it that there are now some Rufous Hummingbirds showing up just north of here, maybe they'll come by for a visit.

I find watching and photographing the birds a great stress reliever, it's great that so many of those who visit are also enjoying my hobby.

Ok, Sold! Wait, how much did you say you were selling your house to me for? *8)

Actually, it reminds me of the house I grew up in... Koi pond, bird feeders and always, binoculars. In the winter we would go to the lake and shiver and shake while watching the Bald Eagles fish and feed their young.

Have you thought of traveling to Hawk Mountain for the raptor migration? I hear it is simply awesome.

Thanks again! *8)


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