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Video of Jacksonville City Councilman Don Redman



Redman just offends me in general.

His god also had a pointed lesson about hypocritical religious types (Pharisees) who pray in public for show, and how those who are sincere in their faith pray in private. This man is a traitor to his own Lord.

It would have been great if he'd quoted that scripture to him.

Fuck yes, I'm offended!

If you could Pray to your god please Norm. That would be helpful.

Maybe JB could accompany me at the next Jacksonville meeting.

He's not just a bigot, he's a dumbtastic one. Way to prove your point, dumbass. I can't believe people have to stand this idiot himself praying at a city council meeting.

"What? Know ye not that your body is the temple...?" —1 Corinthians 6:19

If my body is a temple than I'm going to worship it the only way I know how. ;)


Redman's attempt to illicit whatever theatrical reaction he was hoping for clearly failed. Most of Redman's dialogue seems predicated on Dr. Ahmed taking his bait and reveals a script for an argument that never actually occurred.

Redman asks whether or not Dr. Ahmed understands "what this board is made of" on the heels of explaining that the Human Rights Commission functions so people may "do what they think is right".

His sequential logic, in conjunction to repeated use of the phrase "your god" implies (possibly unintentionally) that only his brand of faith is able to properly deliver when it comes to moral authority.

Now then... it's possible that he had in mind a different discussion and to level what could have been valid criticisms. But his clumsy execution obfuscates any kind of salient point he was trying to make, and succeeded only in prohibiting meaningful discourse.

Beyond that, it was hard to get past the "I want y'all to say hello to my imaginary friend" quality of Redman's speech. Must religion be dragged into a city council meeting? Reverend Matlock forgot George Carlin's 11th commandment; keep thy religion to thyself.

i'm so behind the times. who was that poor retarded white man with the speech defect and what was he trying to say?


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