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The Natural Beauty That Was Once This Country

That video makes me feel like this one.



What?!?! The Coast Guard takes orders from BP now?

Welcome to the corporatocracy. They don't want TV to take pictures of the beach, but they always tell the truth about global warming.

It is much more efficient now - nobody's pretending it is otherwise.

It wasn't long ago that the President took orders from BIG OIL.

Are you sure that's changed?

Uh....isn't that what the first video is demonstrating?

The 2nd video is a little more appropriate for the gulf of Mexico. If there's one good thing that could come from this oil clusterfuck, it's that we'll look at pollution of the gulf waters as a whole: oil, fertilizer, other run-off brought down via the Mississippi, and any trash left by residents and vactioners.

What?!?! The Coast Guard takes orders from BP now?

just thought i'd reiterate syngas's cry of pain. does anyone have anything intelligent to say about this? i think i'm gonna go puke. reed, you posted it- what do you say? besides the quality snark,

Current law puts BP in charge of rescue efforts, in this situation. The government is in charge of other things. I am sure this is mostlikely a BP person asking the coast gaurd to clear beaches because of the possible health effects of swimming with crude oil. Something they don't care to be liable for. I am sure that nobody is really in charge down there.

That said, what happened to reporters that say things like, "well, then I guess you are going to have to arrest me."

ah, i remember the days when the coast gaurd would prevent people from swimming in crude oil without any prompting from corporations... but thanks for your thoughtful (and prompt) reply.

in fact, i remember the days when people would voluntarily refrain from swimming in crude oil...

Current law puts BP in charge of rescue efforts

at this point, i wouldn't put bp in charge of tying their own shoelaces.

Certainly , their PR department and executives seem to be about as sharp as a bowling ball.

Their internal safety proceedures department seems to be a little shotty as well.

I would have told the BP bastards to fk themselves and if the Coast Guard wanted to arrest me, let.

I've been arrested for other protests and in this case I would sue the scum for unlawful arrest.

These days, everybody is fine seeing there every embarrassing act up on facebook, but nobody wants an arrest for doing the right thing on their record.

What a pathetic piece of non-journalism in that first clip. Two retarded idiots who are kind of cute is what passes for news coverage on television these days. So one boat can keep a huge new organization from reaching the coast of the Gulf of Mexico? We should contract BP for homeland security.

The second clip with the hokey injun is even worse. Any self-respecting native American would have fucking scalped those punks who tossed a bag of trash out of the window instead of crying like a little sissy.

It's getting worse

Not a fan of AC, but this is something you'd expect to hear in North Korea, not the US.


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