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The Controversy Over Drawing Muhammad

So Pakistan and potentially some other countries are shutting off access to a number of social networking sites because of a small effort to create something today called "Draw Muhammad Day" Read More about the censorship here The event was organized originally by the Secular Student Alliance Here in America, a group called Muslims United has been able to crash one of the other websites responsible for organizing the event. Read about them bragging up their success here. The facebook group got very big before it apparently was deleted today. Here are some excerpts from an interview with the admin of that group from yesterday.

The "Everybody Draw Muhammad Day" event on Facebook, organized by a group bearing the same name, attracted 80,000 members for its May 20 online campaign, resulting in more than 4,000 cartoons being uploaded to the site.

Islam prohibits the depiction of any prophet as blasphemous, and some Muslims rose up in protest over the publication of satirical cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in European newspapers in 2006, with some of those protests turning violent.

Supporters of "Everybody Draw Muhammad Day" said they were uniting against Islamic extremists who threaten those responsible for controversial speech concerning Islam. They also said they were taking a stand against self-censorship in the West, pointing to the controversial South Park episode that recently featured the Prophet Muhammad but was subjected to severe editing after Comedy Central, the television channel that aired the program, said it had received threats. Read More

Some of the drawing around this event have gone past a simple protest and attempted to be Insulting. Labeling a Pedobear as Muhammad comes to mind. Despite that, I think the original intent and the majority of actions are something that anyone that thinks freedom of speech is more important than insulating religion from criticism can support.

Much of it looks like this...



Some of the drawing around this event have gone past a simple protest and attempted to be Insulting. Labeling a Pedobear as Muhammad comes to mind.

To be fair, Muhammad really did marry a 6 year old girl and "consummate" the marriage when she turned 9 (See Aisha).

Yeah, but we know the Muslims are sensitive about that, so why do we keep bringing it up? :)

Oh Man,

You act like he had 10 wives! Geez, we ALL know he had 11 (like, duh) and Aisha is special because she was the only virgin among them, and also his very last wife. When he consumated the marriage with the 9 year old Mohammed was a mere 55 years old.

Yep, I want you to visualize a 55 year old prophet doing the nasty with a 3rd grader.

When I read this I had to laugh. After Comedy Central censored South Park, I put up a bear as my FB portrait. A friend of mine asked if it were a Pedobear. He didn't know/care about the controversy and at that time i didn't know about the Pedobear. Later I did a scribbling of Muhammad for my portrait. If any of my friends were offended, they didn't say so, although one friend questioned the intelligence and motivation behind the special day. He's quite the brainiac, and feels that "Everyone Draw Muhammad Day" would just fan the flames of fanatics while I feel that anything will insult/fan the flames of fanatics.

Like the people who drew Muhammad on the sidewalks said... if they didn't react at all, or just snickered and laughed at the silly atheists, the whole thing would have looked absolutely foolish. The fact that it's a "controversy" at all means it worked.


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