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Small Spaces



Pretty ingenious! I don't think I'd like the yellow tint so much of the time, but maybe that's because where I live the sun is beating down more than half the time.

Looks cool, but I'd loose my cell phone every day in that place!

What's 'Eco' about it? The fact that he can live like king in a small foot print?

Eco - Green - Environmental are all losing their meaning to me.

Sustainability - Scalability seem more appropriate most of the time.

All well and good until you stick the dog in the kitchen and then go into the den to find your keys and then the library to find your shoes only to kill the dog when the dining room crushes them.

a smaller footprint is required to be able tp [reserve more habitat for animals and nature. So, yeah, this is definitely greed.

And very cool! Though definitely not dog friendly ... but then, Hong Kong is not very dog friendly.

Paging Dr. Freud.

wow, I realy can't type

not dog friendly, but ferrets or snakes - ooh, the possibilities!

Oh yeah, find the snake seems like a fun game in this setup.


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