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Race in America

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On Topic: In the News - Race in America
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Bill Maher spoke before the election on the question of racism.


Just as sickle cells were a paradoxically beneficial birth defect, the genetic oddities/(odd, a tease) of red (or bleached) hair, freckly pale skin, etc., were borrowed, from Neanderthals no doubt, as an adaptation to extreme high latitudes in extreme ice age times.


The CFC ozone hole might be patched up for now, but the global warning is for war, mean times. Evil-ution in overdrive.

Lots of illegals head for Eloy. How many will head for Troglodyte?

who was that masked man

I would guess that you may be looking at more of his work if you search OGM for "1.22474" and read the comments that come up.

Our mascot has returned.

It may be nonsensicle, but its got rythm.

"our mascot" is a man who is instantly recognizable in terms of style no matter how he signs his work. this is no small achievement and i salute it as i always have, while making no claims to better understanding of said "work" than anyone else here.

and why do i assume our mystery person is of the male persuasion? because i'm a sexist, that's why. the day i see a woman writing like that i'll eat my hat. women are good stuff.

he may, of course, be wildly gay. :)

or Philosopher's Tone.

It's all fun reading, if cryptic. Put music to it!


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