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Los Angeles Time Lapse

Well this is just amazing. Time lapse, especially at locations like these is difficult enough, but this guy went the extra thousand miles and just took out... well, see for yourself:

Running on Empty from Ross Ching on Vimeo.



wow. that's my kind of LA. no cars. i would add some bikes tho.

I was wondering how much going the "extra thousand miles" entailed. At about 0:40 and again at 0:47, it first becomes apparent where the 'mistakes' in his editing are. Then it shows up more blatantly near the end. I know nothing about film editing, but it seems to me that throughout most of this video, the lighting allows the editor to get away with what he did fairly easily - until the scenes I noted above.

I'm not sure what you mean, I can't see anything at those times even in the HD version.

No shadows ever move on or across the streets - even when the clouds are throwing shadows over surrounding areas.

:47 looks like a very difficult one, more than the shadows, the tree branches in the foreground don't move when they're over the freeway. The :40 shot though doesn't look that bad, there are no shadows in the surrounding areas either, and the clouds seen are far away.


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