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Links With Your Coffee - Saturday

Coffee Cup

If you’re a hog in East Moline you’d be well advised to make a run for it! Pork processing there is big business. Actually, if you find your porcine self in East Moline, it’s too late. The trail from holding pen to shrink-wrapped bacon is a narrow one, well bounded by fences, a trail from which there is no escape if you’re a hog.

This week a man called Martin Gardner died, aged 95. His popular maths column in Scientific American (and 50 books on the subject) spanned the decades, but in 1952 he published a book about pseudoscience, quacks, and credulous journalists. How much do you think has changed over 60 years?

As the Hay festival kicks off, with world-class authors being interviewed on stage all week, we invited writers to follow the example of Nadine Gordimer – one of the star billings this year – and ask themselves questions journalists never ask . . .

The North Dakota DMV did relent and reverse itself, granting his request for the license plate originally denied. Still, that doesn't exactly settle the problem, there is still the question of church and state separation.



I saw ArcAttack at DragonCon last year, they played at the Mad Scientist's ball. Very very cool.


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