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Links With Your Coffee - Friday

Coffee Cup


Today's BirdCam
Western Scrub-Jay (thanks Rob)



•Why do libertarians deny climate change?

I think the latter contention is nonsense on stilts, something that ought to be painfully obvious given the recent BP-caused oil spill

I hope the Sygnas response amounts to some good afternoon reading.

On the Cold Stone shake - I finally watched Supersize Me - a painful movie to watch. In the past, I basically avoided Supersixe Me because I don't eat at MckyD's unless travelling and NOTHING else is around - so less than once a year.

Now thanks to hulu, I watched the movie/documentary, and now I'm staring at the junk I consume - mostly really fine chocolate, so "junk" or treasure"? - and think Spurlock gained 25 pounds in one month??

I'm not sure why people who aren't professional athletes eat something like that shake, or why it's on the menu. I guess because people will buy it. In the case of Cold Stone, the treats aren't cheap like they are at a fast food joint. Basically we don't have a weight problem in this country so much as a malnourishment problem. The ultra skinny and the obese alike are not eating nourishing meals, and we as a population don't seem to care about the root cause.

Meh, you pessimist glass-half-empty-ers. It's saying that 68 pieces of bacon are as healthy as a shake. And I've been avoiding bacon all this time. I'll be hitting the pig fat pretty hard from now on.

Mmmmm bacon. 68 pieces though? I wanna see you in action!

Gah, I just ate a piece of that salmon practically dipped in butter from Costco.


Western Scrub-Jay! (Hopefully soon to be split to Woodhouse's Scrub-Jay)

It won't - you'll have to ask a libertarian.

Hum... What's better:

A: "Because I believe XXXX, YYYY best describes my political views."

B: "Because my political view is YYYY, I believe XXXX."

To me, one seems dangerous... the other seems like political suicide.

Pictured bird is an interior subspecies of the Western Scrub-jay. THey eat anything.

Thanks Rob, that was my guess nice to have it confirmed.

When I lived in Oregon, we had lots of scrub jays around. They're pretty, but they make a racket.


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