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Links With Your Coffee - Sunday


A Russian MP has asked President Dmitry Medvedev to investigate claims by a regional president that he has met aliens on board a spaceship.

So well-known, in fact, that Ms. Ukpabio’s critics say her teachings have contributed to the torture or abandonment of thousands of Nigerian children — including infants and toddlers — suspected of being witches and warlocks.

Greenpeace is not only opposed to GMOs but apparently they're also against scientific inquiry to determine if they're safe or not. They demonize not just corporations but also public research.

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have found that of all the greenhouse gases generated by the average U.S. household when it consumes food, the transport of the food accounts for just 11 percent. The best way to reduce the carbon footprint of our diet is not to eat locally but simply to eat less, especially less meat. Eating one less serving of red meat a week achieves the same reduction in emissions as switching to a 100 percent local diet.



Kind of ironic, isn't it, that Greenpeace only needs to do one stupid, destructive thing in order for the "tide to turn against them," but Monsanto can engage in false advertising, bribe government officials, lie about rBGH and then persecute the journalists who expose the lies, make a career out of suing farmers, drive Indian farmers to ruin, and attempt to ruin a scientist's career and the tide doesn't turn against them.

Me thinks me spies a double standard.

A double standard, are you mad.

If you don't think I hold Monsanto to accountable for their mistakes, you don't pay attention. I've been arguing against corporatism, probably before you were born. I don't give them a pass and I don't give Greenpeace a pass either. Credit where credit is due and condemnation when that's appropriate. You don't really think that I approve of Monsanto's tactics to threaten someones livelihood, DO YOU?

You don't think the tide has turned against Monsanto, are you blind, deaf, and dumb. Monsanto by most anyone's reckoning, probably the most hated corporation on the planet.

What you don't think Greenpeace uses their political clout to harm their enemies, sometimes unfairly, oh how truly naïve.

Does Monsanto do it more than Greenpeace, why yes, and two wrongs don't make a right.

I have never once seen a headline like, "Tide Turns Against Monsanto." Not even at the organic websites.

have never once seen a headline like, "Tide Turns Against Monsanto." Not even at the organic websites.

I'm speaking about the tide of public opinion, what is it you're talking about?

There must be millions of headlines that paint Monsanto as evil and not just on organic websites.

Oh I see you take exception to the headline. The difference between Monsanto and Greenpeace is that the tide turned against Monsanto years ago, until now Greenpeace was the darling of the British and the British press. The Tide they author was speaking about was of one of virtual agreement with everything Greenpeace did to not accepting it all. Context matters.


That is most likely because the tide was never in FAVOR of Monsanto. The whole idea behind saying "The Tide Turns for: X " would be that at one time X was considered beyond reproach.

Kind of a thin 'argument' anyways, with delicious irrelevance to the article, don't you think?

Okay, that's a good point about the British press coverage. I kind of overlooked the fact that it was the British press. Also, I didn't realize the British press viewed Greenpeace in a favorable light until now. Here in the states, Greenpeace is either completely ignored or portrayed as borderline eco-terrorists. This was a full-on dunderhead move by Greenpeace. I hope it isn't representative of the organization's overall approach on this issue.

Me thinks me spies a double standard.

It would be if someone were using Greenpeace's destructive antics to argue against environmentalism as a whole, as too many anti-GMO people do with Monsanto to argue against GMO in general.

Re: Greenpeace

Extremism does rather appear to be the bane of our times. Greenpeace never has, it seems, been immune from its siren song. Of course they aren't alone. Heard a great line on the TV news this morning. "Only things left in the middle of the road are two yellow stripes and some dead armadillos."

"Only things left in the middle of the road are two yellow stripes and some dead armadillos."

I love it, and it seems to be born of identity politics. I'm a liberal and liberals believe x and so I believe x. And so the position becomes part of my identity and I defend it come what may. We need to be a lot more discerning than that.

There is no such thing as a passionate moderate.

"There's Nothing in the Middle of the Road but Yellow Stripes and Dead Armadillos" was the title of a book by Jim Hightower some years back. It was pretty good as I recall. I don't think it addressed GMOs' but I know it had some pretty grizzly accounts about meat processing and the labor abuses surrounding them. Eating less meat is something we should all do, whether it's local, organic and grass-fed, or the tortured, antibiotic-filled, feedlot variety most Americans eat with most meals. Less of it should be the goal.

Hightower, it seems, opposes GMOs. Or at least he did back in 2004 when he wrote this article.

The phrase is older than that.

I don't see any problem with Greenpeace's actions. Destroying GM crops that irresponsible scientists have planted in our environment is hardly a new thing either. If they want to do their experiments they should keep it in the lab instead of subjecting the rest of us to unknown consequences.

The transport of food is part of cargo movement in general.

The movement towards globalization, is a disaster. No one much counts the pollution that comes from shipping. It takes burning a lot of diesel fuel to run the engines and the refrigeration. Besides this, there are other consequences as related at the link.

Can we please get this right? Opposing GM foods is NOT anti-rational

  1. You can't promote one area of science (genetic "engineering") while ignoring another (evolution)

  2. One set of economic actors (Monsanto et. al.) are clearly aggressively pursuing their interests at the expense of others.

Let me explain. Firstly genetic engineering is currently closer to hacking than engineering - mucking about until something works.

So then it works for a while, but then evolution kicks in and it is gradually less effective. For example, apparently "RoundUp Ready" crops are no longer as impervious to pests as they once were.

Then the economic argument kicks in - those crops have evolved so that they no longer contain the genes that got them patented in the first place.

So in the meantime Monsanto has captured an entire market that it no longer has any legal right to.

And destroyed the market in the process.

And the benefits? Not so good. These crops are claimed to have significantly better yields.

Where? Show me they achieve this in the real world. Farmer after farmer has found no significant difference.

We certainly can't get it right listening to you.

Genetic engineering is certainly not mucking about until something works, that is a description of traditional breeding techniques.

"those crops have evolved so they no longer contain the genes that got them patented in the first place"

If they'd evolved not to contain the gene that got them patented they'd die when sprayed with roundup in the case of roundup ready crops.

Monsanto captured an entire market because farmers bought their seeds for the benefits they provide and continue to buy their seeds. There is no one forcing them to buy GM seeds.

Greater yields are not the only advantages reduced pesticide and herbicide use has also occurred.

Your ignorance is astounding, from an absence of facts to not understanding basic biology,


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