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How can people who claim to be followers of Jesus be political conservatives?

Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists are tapping into the biochemistry of one of the world's most damaging insect pests to develop a biocontrol agent that may keep the pest away from gardens and farms.

How about this possible solution to the Aphids problem, would it pass muster with the organic crowd?

tip to Nick

A fairly balanced article from the mainstream press.

John Innes Centre scientists are working on a way to screen crop plants for a toxic accumulation. The genetic screen will be particularly useful for crops grown in tropical and sub-Saharan Africa.

Thirty years ago I was living at my Dad's in Yakima, going to college. That Sunday was a beautiful day, and Dad was outside in the garden as I was getting ready to go to work. I worked for a photographer, who had a studio in the Yakima Mall. I liked working Sundays. Sundays were always quiet, especially when the weather was nice.

I heard a loud boom, but didn't think much of it. Yakima was right next to a military training center, and it's wasn't too unusual to have a hot dog pilot break the sound barrier. Some minutes later, my Dad yelled for me to come outside. I ran out, and we saw this ugly dark brown/black cloud rolling towards the town. We knew that Mount St. Helen's had erupted.

The underlying crisis derives primarily from persistent rural poverty in Africa and South Asia. Ironically, most of the world's hungry people are farmers who produce food for a living. More than 60 percent of all Africans, for example, work in the countryside, growing crops and herding animals, and earning less than $1 a day. These farmers' crop yields are only about 20 percent as high as in Europe and the United States because they lack access to all the basic necessities for productive farming: improved seeds, fertilizer, water, electrical power, education, and rural roads to connect them to markets. Most of these farmers are women, two thirds are illiterate, and one third are malnourished. When food prices fall, these farmers can actually be hurt because agricultural products are what they have to sell.

The United States' favorite response to global hunger in recent years has been to give away its excess food. In response to the 2008 price spike, the U.S government spent an additional $1.4 billion to ship domestically produced food abroad as aid. This move was generous, but it offered no solution to the problem of low farm productivity. What's more, free food arriving from Iowa or Kansas can actually hurt farmers in Kenya or Ethiopia by reducing demand for their own market sales.



For aphids, try here:

In Haiti, international organizations, government or other, import food. They don't buy rice from Haitian farmers who were not affected by the earthquake and who have plenty that they cannot sell.

I can see how those solutions might be practical on a small scale, but not on a large field.

Why Are So Many Christians Conservative? Simple answer - they are not. When I was a regular churchgoer my Anglican Vicar said to me that he couldn't understand how any churchgoer wasn't a Socialist, but the Church of England was always referred to as 'The Conservative Party at prayer'. The fact is that if people are Christian they cannot be Conservative, and if they are Conservative, they cannot be Christian, they are merely churchgoers.

Why Atheism Will Replace Religion:

Here is a good example of the effect of the incidence of atheism in most sub-Saharan countries being below 1%.

The people of Malawi have to be 'protected' from such things by honest, God-fearing judges.

We like to think that food aid is altruistic. There is however a reason why most food aid programs are sourced out of the Dept of Agriculture. It's cuz it is a way to dump surpluses, subsidize industrial agriculture and the distribution systems that support it.

"The US food aid program was originally set up to dispose of agricultural surpluses generated by domestic farm subsidies.(17) Current US legislation requires that 75 percent of food aid be procured, processed and packed domestically and that it be transported by US vessels. The US government buys this food aid from a handful of large agribusiness companies and then pays for shipping – all at above-market prices. In 2003, Cargill and Archer-Daniels Midland provided a third of all US food aid and in 2001, four shipping companies – Wilson Logistics, BKA Logistics, Fettig & Donalty and Panalpina – handled 84 percent of US food aid.(18)"

And it undercuts the price local farmers in the country getting the surplus can get for their crops.

Uncle Milty? Is that you?

Betty Jo supports my comment about Haitian rice farmers not being able to sell their products.

As to Mt. St. Helen, that is small potatoes. Wait until the Yellowstone super volcano erupts.!


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