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Links With Your Coffee - Friday




re: oil spill

And so we see again, in just these last weeks. Coal mines and oil rigs disasters in the making. 'Tis a risky business making energy. It just comes down to that. Using less is a really good plan. How does it go? The cheapest watt to produce is the one we don't use.

Ah me. The lights of Las Vegas are so disheartening.

Wow, I'm impressed. You've taken care of the animals already today and have time to hang at onegoodmove.

The cheapest watt indeed. You know, the longer Obama is in office the less I like him.

I always thought naomi watt was the cheapest.

All kidding aside. It's frightening to think of how much wildlife must die in gulf and along the east coast for americans to get the idea that this is all a bad idea.

The most frightening idea is that some people might still not get it.

Yeah, watt a mess.

Re: Bad Writing

"Sartre, You're an Asshole," [...] "I've met old teabags with more hope than you."

LOL at Sartre. Bad Writer Almond is kinda right here. I've found existentialists to be the most meandering of all. Don't know if they're "bad writers", but I really can't get into their writings.

... but one has to learn them anyway, at least to get it when Woody Allen ridicules them.

That's why I learned them :)

Re Monsanto:

Good on them if they are giving away stuff to help folk in need, even if they are hybrid seeds that won't be good for long. Every little helps.

As long as they're not attaching strings like tying the farmers into their contracts.

I fear we can look forward to them, in a few years down the line, turning up at the farms with threats of legal action as the patented genes just happen to get blown around.

not only were we led to believe an obama administration would be more mindful of environmental issues, obama made promise after promise that its policies would be science-based

RE: Confident Idiots.

An interesting point is that they can TEACH competence. Which suggests that idiocy can be cured. Which suggests that there is a reason the GOP has always been opposed to the Department of Education.

I wonder if there's a test for Dunning-Kruger. Could make a great episode of House:

"Patient shows positive for D-K...."

"Put him on a course of Dr. Seuss and when he's stable move him on to the New Yorker."


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