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Links With Your Coffee - Thursday




Halfway through "Tomorrow's Table", and just started "Mendel in the Kitchen." Thanks for the references, I'm enjoying Tomorrow's table. The Organic Farmer's chapters say better than I ever could, the 'why' of that. The plant geneticist's chapters are nicely expressed and I better understand the discipline.

Nice to hear that you're enjoying them. What I came away with from "Tomorrow's Table" was that GMOs are not really in conflict with the spirit of Organic Farming. Karl over at biofortified as just written an excellent article that goes through the organic principles one by one and makes the case that GMOs shouldn't be excluded.

I think the most frustrating thing for me in these discussions is the conflation of genetic engineering and big agri-business.

"Super Cally Are Fantastic, Celtic Were Atrocious" was a famous headline about British football several years ago. Is this a pun or is it just so stupid as to be brilliant? We may never know.


" I remember readers leaving during the election when I supported Hillary Clinton saying they would only come back after the election. I wonder what those who don't like my stand on GMOs will do. Leave until we quit eating food. Or they could just skip the posts they don't like. Am I being too sensitive here?"

Yes. Speaking as one of those readers, it's amusing to see you drag the semi-PUMA thing into unrelated posts two years later. It's good to see you're still good for lulz.


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