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John McCain Ad: Complete the Danged (Death Star) Fence



What a political coward McCain has turned out to be.

Eeeew - that's an official ad. McCain didn't want Faisal Shazad to have his rights read either. What was he taking hits for in Vietnam again?

One of the comments there betrays the obliviousness of the "I'm not a racist, but..." people.

I honestly dont think the new law means, every time the police see someone with dark skin, they can beat them down and deport them.They should deport the ones who are breaking the law ,and overstaying their visa's.Nothing racist about that.And its not just Mexicans, plenty of Asians in this area doing the same thing.We cannot survive as a society with no laws.

We cannot survive as a society with no laws.

And if the laws didn't say that it was illigal to move accross an imaginaty line, and then required all citizens to carry papers delaring that they did not move accross an imaginary line, we would all die of what? Diversity Shock syndrome?

You think there's no good reason to have immigration laws?

As long as they vote Democrat, Red doesn't care.

There should be regulation, but laws are essentially unenforceable. And their discriminatory nature means that educated wealthy people are unlikely to move here, and the poor just skirt the law rather than go through any reasonable system.

The net result is that places like Arizona aren't Governed by the people that live there. That isn't a democracy in the American tradition.


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