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It's a Load of Bullshit



interpret clarity as a threat.

Mr. D: not "clarity," but opposition to what they think is a threat. But if you frame your position this way, it may have more of an impact with those on your side.

Dawkins is right about all kinds of approaches being the best way to combat religious bullshit. Maybe the "framers" finally give a person the nonthreatening space to admit the truth, but it is also important for a kid to see adults firmly, calmly, but unabashedly calling religion what is: bullshit.

Here's a tangent to follow re. atheism: Andrew Sullivan recapping reader comments on life after death versus death after death:

Just thought I'd dump it on One Good Move where I know people are as interested as I am in the discussion.

Thanks Frank

Sullivan has pretty good atheist readers but this one to me hits the nail right in the head:

When atheists claim that religion is just a fanciful way to deal with the unpleasant inevitability of death, the faithful often decry such a reduction as unfair. And yet your main response to Kevin Drum's unapologetic description of his lack of religious impulse is to ask "Then what do you think happens when we die?" As another of those "untragic" atheists, I can only scratch my head as to why my answer to that question would seem to be revelatory to you... unless, that is, the avoidance of death offered by religion is its key selling point. So which is it? And how does soothing my fears (be they rational or irrational) make something like religion more likely to be True?

Sullivan then completely loses me right away:

The second [intuition] is that I will continue to exist in my essence but more firmly and completely enveloped in the love and expanse of God, as revealed primarily in the life of Jesus.

Where the hell does that come from? What follows, sad anecdotes and Jesus again consoling him or whatever, doesn't address anything that his atheist reader above said.


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