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Hello, World's me, Andy.

The Blog God has given me the opportunity to be one of his prophets, and I happily accepted. As a prophet, I draw the line at firstborn sacrifice, but orgies of biblical proportions will pass for review to see everything's up to code.

A little about myself: I'm Latin American with Japanese ancestry, living for years now in L.A. I point this out cause I believe that's why I'm not too attached to any one culture, and that's the main reason I don't take nationalism, or even just plain patriotism, seriously. Like some poet said, "I'm a citizen of love". Also, so JB can now know that I almost certainly have no Jewish in me.

Some of you regulars already know what makes me tick. For those who don't, I'll probably be posting what I find interesting in the world of science and technology, religion/atheism/pseudoscience, and some funnies. Those are also within Norm and Reed's purview if you haven't noticed, so other interests I have are photography which I enjoy a lot (but it's not like I wanna marry it), film, Argentinian rock and audio geekery, so I will probably post and comment about a couple of those as well.

English is my second language, and I know some of you are language geeks (I try as well). Please feel free to correct me if you notice something odd. Don't bother if it's an obvious typo though, nobody likes a Grammar Nazi (though I'm struggling to think which kind of Nazi people do like). Also, just in case, I will not capitalize "god", "bible", "christian", "catholic", etc. just because it annoys the right kind of people. And, as you just saw, I'm more comfortable with keeping the punctuation marks outside of the quotation marks unless they're part of the quotation.

So that's pretty much it for an intro I guess.

Oh, and I'm an Aries.




Dang, I coulda kept my firstborn?

People like Soup Nazis

I like Nazis who agree with me. In fact I like anyone who agrees with me. I'm not immune to confirmation bias though I try. Andy is something of a relapse along those lines since he disagrees with me less often than most.

The Blog God says: go forth Andy and replenish the blog.

The number of Nazi that would share your views on personal liberty and religion, is probably pretty low.

I knew you were an Aries. (Caps noted.)

your problem, andyo, isn't that there's "no jewish in you", it's that you don't truly love writing, in spite of your obvious skills. let's see if merely being a decent, well educated guy with a couple of "hobbies" is enough. surely just agreeing with norm all the time ain't gonna cut it. i'd work that "lapsed catholic" thing for all it's worth if i were you. and don't be afraid to show your ass. good luck.

um, thanks, I guess?

I don't get your remark that I don't love writing. I mean, I haven't thought about it that much, and it's probably true that I don't love it, but I don't dislike it either.

Re: "lapsed catholic", I like to think of myself as a "lapsed atheist" those years that I was religious.

Me too Aries, but not a Grammar Nazi!

I loved it, thanks.


The Nazi missed "to see if it was her." tsk tsk

Anyway, thanks all. I'll try to find some stuff Norm doesn't like then.

Try some 9/11 stuff. He hates that.

Who doesn't?

Haven't they all move on to some other conspiraccy theory by now?

Everyone under 7'4" hates that.

Well Oliver Stone was one of my favorite directors growing up, and JFK is still one of my favorite movies of his. He's a great storyteller (emphasis on story).

Oh, we know full well what we're up against. Because even though science shows that an object's acceleration due to gravity is irrespective of its mass, intuitively you just know that the towers would fall faster, because they were really heavy.

The earth's gravity works on objects irrespective of mass, but don't heavier objects have their own gravity?

Like if you stoped the moon and had a bowling ball next to it, wouldn't the moon hit the earth befor the bowling ball because the moon would be pulling on the earth harder than the bowling ball.

Actually, no. Say, if you had a bowling ball and a hollow plastic ball the same size, the bowling ball would fall faster only because of the air's friction.

The bigger mass is pulled with greater force, but a bigger mass also needs a greater force to beat inertia. Thus acceleration remains unchanged between the two. Physicists can call me out on this one if it's wrong, but I'm pretty sure it's how it works.

Galileo's throwing stuff from the tower of Pisa is probably apocryphal, by the way. Hawking mentions this in one of his books. What he probably did (cause, you know he was pretty smart) was roll two balls down an inclined plane, where the results are effectively slowed down and you don't need to throw crap down a tower to tell the difference (not to mention air friction would be a bigger problem).

Also, this.


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