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God Smacked

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God Smacked
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A little off topic, but was it leftbanker who suggested everyone draw the prophet Mohammed? Well, there's a wikipedia page for everything, drawn of course from the related website.

Maybe this should go with the FOX news-pwnd post regarding national prayer day in the earlier thread.

omg i'm still loling. you can't make this shit up. thanks for representing for those of us who don't have tv's.

I am Lars Vilks

I have even had a few death threats thus far. Fuck you and your ignorant religious beliefs. You have the right to believe what you want but you don't have the right that I must respect your beliefs.

beat me to it. i was just gonna post that link.

whoa on the threats. It does seem that you have kindred spirits.

sorry, my link was to the actual video. check these motherfuckers out.

btw leftbanker: these are the guys you're fucking with. except you're probably not in a classroom in sweden protected by semi-hot and semi-competent swedish police ladies. respect.

i mean, i fuck with them myself, but i actually am protected by totally hot and totally competent israeli army ladies.

i'm not sure, btw, what any of this has to do with the tds story. the problem with muslims isn't that they teach their followers to fight, it's that they teach them crazy ideas about what to fight about- that is, what it's worth killing or dying for. or getting pepper sprayed and thrown out of a classroom in sweden, and getting arrested. stuff like that.

To get back on topic I have to mention that I have started a Shot Putters for Jesus ministry. We meet every Friday.

not interested in shotput or jesus. oh, what shall i do? how about "drug abusers for moses"? i could get with that.


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