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It's my new BirdCam doing it's thing. Now if that pair of whatchamacallits, the one's with the black and white wings and orange breasts that were here last week before the camera arrived will just come back I'll be happy. I guess I need to study up a bit so I can get past the, hey look at that one, isn't it pretty phase, and put names to the faces.


Wingscapes WSCA03 Audubon BirdCam



They are purple finches. Hungry little beggars.

A purple finch in Utah? I thought it was some kind of sparrow, but since I'm not even a novice in bird identification I'll defer to others.

Yep, finches. They frequent the feeder we have here in AZ, and although I don't record them with a webcam, I do practice using my new camera on them.

House Finches, not Purple Finches. In what region of Utah is the feeder located?

Salt Lake, and yes I think you got it. A house finch it is.

The birds pictured are House Finches. The Whatchamacallits were probably Bullock's Oriole based on your Utah location,

They prefer fruit, berries and sweet things so would not likely come to your seed feeder. Try putting out some jam or opened oranges. Happy birding.

You're right they were Bullock's Orioles, a male and a female. They came by for about a week, but I haven't seen them since.

I'll try the goodies on the off chance that they're still in the neighborhood.

you're all wrong, these are obviously orange-breasted watchamacallits.

yeah, my dad has suddenly (over the last 5 years or so) turned into one of the "birdfeeder people." he loves to talk about it. i think at a certain age they just hand a man a birdfeeder and say "get with the program, son".

or if he lives in the city he gets a park bench and some pigeons. :) happy feeding, norm.


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