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Alabama Political Attack Ad Mocks Evolution

Allow me to paraphrase: Bradley Byrne claims to be an ignorant yokul like you and me but really he is one of them book learning types that doesn't believe in the talkin' snake.

Alabama needs some help if this ad actually works.




Oh, My god, I am so embarrassed.


I, too, am ashamed of my state for the sole reason that the only candidates who can afford significant airtime are the most infantile and ignorant. I thought the Tim James ads were bad enough for Alabama, but when I saw this ad on TV the other day and realized the onslaught of political possibilities for this state in the coming years, I'm having to reconsider the notion of moving across that Mason-Dixon line in the future. Despite the criticism I'm hearing in my college town of Tuscaloosa and back home in Birmingham of James and Roy Moore these two cities are unfortunately barely representative of the voter constituency that has actually been praising these comically misguided political ads. It's enough to make a southerner weep.

What do you think is driving this divide between North and South?

This doesn't seem like the same south that elected Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton. Certainly they were religious, but their politics and Religion seemed to maintain a small but respectful distance from one another.

Oof1 This ad is truly grasping at straws. It reveals how fundies are firmly entrenched in conservative politics. The GOP needs to come to a decision as to how far down this slippery slope they wish to go. Alabama is making South Carolina look good.

Well this just goes to show how far out the Republicans are from reality, that an "attack" ad for them is an "OK, so?" ad for the rest of the world.


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