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What I Know About Islam

Pat Condell



Islam has been progressive and Christianity has been regressive. See information on Islamic Golden Age and even Wikipedia. So Condell's sugestion that we wouldn't have technological advances if we all followed the laws of Islam is rooted in the fundamentalism and Taliban of today.

It wasn't that long ago in this Christian nation that women and all African Americans were considered property and could be beaten legally. Yes, fortunately we've progressed at least in the legal sense. I get that the Taliban has made for horrible, violent acts across the globe, but it's not as if they are the only culture or religion doing such things. This focus on Islam is what irritates me about Condell. Great dude, you were raised Catholic - how about some material on their current scandals?

Oh? The same Condell who commonly talks about the evils of the Catholic Church?

How does his occasional focus on Islam make the arguments any less valid?

Last summer someone sent me a link to Condell and there was this rant about Islam. When I went to his page, it seemed the only religion covered in his rants was Islam. Norm posted a video last fall that covered Islam, so at that point, it seemed to me that was the only religion he railed against. I admit I wasn't terribly interested in picking out more videos. Then today I watch ed this one, just to see where he was. So, thanks for letting me know he talks about other religions.

As for the focus on Islam making his arguments less valid, that's not what I said. I do think that is he looked at scientific advances made hundreds of years ago, he might re-thing the steam engine or whatever that was comment. Women's standing in societies seems to rise and fall over the years; at the turn of the 20th century, there was a surge in women's rights in the middle eastern countries that practice Islam. The U.S. suffrage movement gained ground a few years later.

Perhaps it's Condell's tone of voice, and if I watched a rail against the Catholic church it would rub me the wrong way as well. From what I've seen of his stuff, I don't know if my time is worth finding out.

I think Islamists are more of a "problem" in Europe than Christian (notwithstanding the Catholics, I guess). That's why you see more criticism toward Islam from them, while in the US you see more toward those krazy kristians.

Why not head to his youtube channel and see it for yourself? There's plenty of material which isn't about Islam.

I't not like I'm counting, but it does seem to me that Condell is usually ranting over Catholics or fundamentalists. I was actually surprised that he granted that Islam might be a 'beautiful religion' if only... I've yet to see any religion that rises above silly, at best.

His commentary about the arabic language is plain intolerant and insulting. It is spoken by 300 million people!

You think that was his point? The point was that the excuse was a stupid cop-out and that very few books are translated to Arabic because of the backward beliefs' censorship themselves (I don't know if that's true, but that was the point).

And even if the point was to devalue the Arabic language (which was clearly NOT), that is what makes you angry?

His commentary of the Arabic language focuses on the assertion that the Koran must be read in the original to be understood. The implication of the argument is that only then can one get from the doctrine the concept of Islam as a peaceful religion.

I usually find Pat Condell to be too abrasive to listen to. He rails on Christianity for the most part this actually was the first time Ive seen him talk about Islam which was the only reason i didn't skip the post like I usually do when I see his face on a video, his method bothers me. He lacks the nuance of Dawkens, the personality of Hitchens, and the moderation of Sam Harris.

Hi, Islam is not the so called scholars preeching, islam is not the hadiths that sometimes encourage rape and mutalation, islam is not what people say it is, islam is simply submitting to god through the quran, heart and mind. This video was first infuriating for me, but when i listened more closely i understood his anger, and i actually am as angered as he is. Islam has been ruined by people who say they are the closest to god. He has very good points and i am many times ashamed of being a muslim, but i must say nowhere in the quran does it state wife beating nor violence against jews is permittable. It simply states the relationship between the jews and god went astray, and man and woman are equal. islam was the first religion to give rights to women such as right to inheritance. But muslim nations has gone backwards instead of foward. We had the greatest mathmeticians in the world. the quran states the world is shaped like a ostrich egg not round but slightly oval, and the world orbits the sun, and the sun has it's own orbit, that was written 1400 years ago. 500 years ago this would be punishable by death to even mention in the cristian nations. But where the western world has evolved, i am shamed to say muslim nations has not. they treat women like they own them, they cover them head to toe, they fine and arrest women walking outside without their husbands, they stone people for adultery, this has really nothing to do with islam, but by something called the hadiths, which has been the "islam" the worlds sees. Sorry i can't elaborate any more i'm in a bit of a hurry to school. Peace be with you and greetings from Sweden!

Religion suppresses women. I'm not going to clap my hands and jump for joy because sometimes we have rights. Have you seen Afghan star? A country went from coed collages to banning women from learning all together. Then made attempts to kill a woman because she showed he hair and danced. This was done in the name of "peaceful" Islam.

Religion is sexist and dangerous, it stifles societies ability to progress.

I have no problem with legitimate criticisms of Islam. But I have a problem with Condell because he plays footsie with some real nefarious tight wing pieces of garbage that use fear mongering in a bid for power. The biggest example is the phony baloney 'ZOMG, Muslims are taking over Europe!'. Sorry, the facts do not bear that out. I hate it when these demagogues try to co opt Atheists for their bigoted agenda.


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