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Thomas Jefferson Pwns Sarah Palin & Her God

(tip to Steve)



1st - McCain was born in Panama - but to American parents. I get the stretch, but just don't want to encourage any more of this crap. And Obama was born in Honolulu, so there believers.

As for Palin - sure hon, you go back to 1776 and see how you enjoy your fine status as a being with 2 x chromosomes. She can ignore Jefferson's writings because the Texas school board is hell bent on having TJ removed from history books. Nothing like being ahead of the curve.


If Sarah Palin and other Republicans are saying that that this is a Christian nation, and we should have a Government based on Christian ideals, doesn't that fly in the face of a representative democracy? Even with the vote, as a Jew am I truly represented or am I doomed to the outskirts of our democracy? Are the Republicans promoting anti-semetism?

Am I represented as a Bhuddist? A Hindu, a Sikh, a Muslim, an atheist / agnostic?

Or are we unwelcome in the Republican party?

It sounds pretty un-American to me.

The only way for a government to be non-exclusionary is to be non-religious.


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