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These Fucking Guys - Goldman Sachs

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These F@#king Guys - Goldman Sachs
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Stewart's Perspicacity:

I never noticed before how much Mr. Stewart owes to Bill Cosby. From his gesticulant delivery all the way to his joyful sense of the absurd: smile as "denial" only mixed in with the smile, a grinning grimace.

good call, never noticed that. and cosby owed a lot for these mannerisms (nice descriptions, btw) to previous black comedians (wrong) w.a.s.p. comedians (wrong) latin comedians (wrong) french comedians (wrong) jewish comedians (bing!).

historical perspective is SO important in comedy. this was a brilliant daily show piece, surely one of the finest ever. and it's true, i'd love to see cosby take a whack at this kind of stuff. i'm sure he'd be fantastic- if a little...slower.


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