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The Great God Debate

David Wolpe and Christopher Hitchens debate in this, "God Debate" It appears Hitchens does these pretty regularly. I really enjoy a few of his arguments in this one. Particularly the discussion of human's closest relatives.



Hitchens is such an ineffective debater, all he's ever good for is a series of angry but amusing colorful soliloquys, but in the end he usually comes off as nothing more than a self-absorbed prick. Worse, he continually embarrasses himself with that ever-so-lame straw-man challenge, that he obviously seems to think is so clever: “Name one ethical action performed by a believer that could not have been done by a nonbeliever.”

It's really, really, lame.


That is probably the key weakness of Hitchens's debating style - and until you put it that way, it hadn't occurred to me that self-absorption is the source of my problem with his debates. I think that Hitchens often makes his points well. He often never even bothers to rebut his opponent. Perhaps he thinks that if he does that, he is ceding the playing field to his opponent - or, as you say, perhaps he's so self-absorbed he is hardly listening to his opponent. I've watched him debate D'Souza and its always frustrating to see the stupidity that D'Souza gets away with because Hitchens is so eager to make his points that he leaves D'Sousa's inanities untouched.

D'Sousa and others can pile up so much BS in such a short period of time, that I can forgive him for missing a lot of it. But Hitchens, more than anyone, seems to just droll on his own merry way.

Based on what I know about Hitchens and his actual statements to this fact, I think Hitchens just likes conflict for the sake of conflict. Like so many of the talk show hosts on television and radio, Hitchens is intentionally looking to perpetuate conflict and debate, not bring it to resolution.

He's an entertainer and "rhetoric" is his talent. He makes money by being the center of attention, and so he wishes to prolong his time in the spotlight for as long as he can.

He could be something more than that, but he's not. Which is fine I guess.

Sorry, not to chime in earlier, but you are doing a fine job of debating yourself. I am sure I agree with you in some way.


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