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The Big Bang Treaty

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The Big Bang Treaty
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Jon mentions Iran and North Korea are outside the NTP. That is not true about Iran, but it is true about Israel. Why didn't Jon mention that?

Iran is Complient? That surprises even me.

No one is concerned we may need to launch a counter attack against Isreal. So it would make no sense to list them.


I don't think anyone said Iran was compliant, only that it has signed on to NTP, which is why they are subject to inspections, international monitoring and possible sanctions if terms are violated. Israel on the other hand has not signed on to NTP, a condition that basically allows them to continue running their program as if it were an illusion.

They never will be, and we'll make sure of that as the rules change with time: "Iran already stopped nuclear enrichment at the behest of Europe for more than a year [a reference to Tehran's suspension of enrichment between late 2003 and mid-2005, to allow negotiations with the European Union]. And what happened? Nothing.",8599,1829750,00.html

Here's John Bolton on hoping they kick out the inspection people: "they [Iran] have not done anything more dramatic, such as withdrawing from the nonproliferation treaty, or throwing out inspectors of the International Atomic Energy Agency, which I actually hoped they would do –that that kind of reaction would produce a counter-reaction that actually would be more beneficial to us."

Some diplomacy is designed to fail.

Israel is deliberately ambiguous about possessing nuclear weapons, so being part of NPT is a moot point. Iran is a signatory to NPT but was found in non-compliance.

This is just one example of how today's moderate Dems are on the same page as the moderate GOP of yore. Shit, 1500 weapons - it only takes one.

"Does not apply to countries not in compliance with the NPT", in other words, Israel.

Iran so far has not been found to be in non-compliance.

Israel is not the 51st state and has nothing whatsoever to do with the U.S., however it has 2 to 3 hundred nuclear warheads. Iran has none.

israel has not signed the npt and therefore cannot be guilty of non-compliance.

Not sure if that is true..

Read the key articles here:

"Article II: Each non-NWS party undertakes not to receive, from any source, nuclear weapons, or other nuclear explosive devices; not to manufacture or acquire such weapons or devices; and not to receive any assistance in their manufacture."

Isreal of course received help from other nations.

oh, sorry, i see that canaria has adressed this above.

I won't be happy until every nation has a nuclear weapon. It's their right to self defence. How else are they going to rise up agianst the New World Order and the One World Government? Nukes protect liberity!!!!

... or was that guns... i get the two concepts confuseded in my thinky.

*OH and now that corporations are people, they should all have their own supply of arms! Nukes for Nike!


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