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The single greatest achievement of the conservatives is how they get middle class slobs to defend the hyper-rich, 1% of Americans while at the same time demonizing the poorest citizens and labeling them as little more than parasites. If you happen to live in a state like Washington with a 10% sales tax I would venture that the poor pay a much higher percentage of their total income in taxes than any other group.

Once again, only TDS seems to have a shred of journalistic integrity.

I'd love to see someone from FOX try and live on what I made as a freelance musician! Hell, I'd challenge them to make ends meet on my prof. salary. I'm middle class, but on the low end; on average, music profs are 2nd from the bottom, just over creative writing professors. Good luck Glenn - there's always the military you know.

Maybe I'm cynical, but I think the reason the middle class often defends the hyper rich 1% is because they WANT TO BE THEM. And they still think they can be. America is rife with delusion and the media (not just the news) is more or less responsible for perpetuating this myth.


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