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South Park Death Threats

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South Park Death Threats
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Funny, the website of the violent fundamentalists (oops, redundant) Muslims got hacked:

user-pic is their website not I read on one forum that revolutionislam was in fact their weboard. Whether it's a successful hacking stunt or not I'm still amused. is currently down.

the coverage I read was that r-Muslim traffic was forwarded to r-Islam for a short time, so they were hacked but they are also separate websites.

that was weirdly disingenuous and cowardly for the daily show. they ran all those clips to show theyre tough on all religions (with no disclaimers) which they are and should be- but it only served to show the glaring hole where all the potshots at muslims should have been.

then mandvi comes on, is shockingly unfunny (tho the suit gag was good).

then, jon makes a very careful disclaimer that the upcoming choir of "fuck you" isn't aimed at muslims per say, but at "all people who threaten death in the name of religion or politics".

at no time in this clip, or apparently in the history of the show, do they take any kind of shot at muslims at all. and then we're supposed to applaud their bravery and nod at their wisdom?

jon stewart, my favorite television personality: when you and your corporate overlords are being disingenuous wusses, allow me to be the first to call you on it.

They've made fun of muslims any number of times, I even remember when Colbert was doing This Week in God making fun of them. He still does on his show, and TDS also still does. It was just the setup for the punchline, if they included those it wouldn't have worked.

andyo, as always i appreciate your levelheaded approach, and i admit i don't have a tv and am unable to to back up my point about the paucity of antimuslim humor on tds. 2 questions:

why would running a series of short clips in this piece attacking islam (if they indeed exist) have ruined the punchline? i would think it would have strengthened it.

and, am i wrong that this particular clip contained so many disclaimers that, even in the midst of the fray, tds declined to lob even the lamest of missiles in the proper direction, probably out of fear?

My hunch is that Jon was very specifically told not to say anything. He hints at this early in the segment.

On this topic.

What would happen if millions of images of the prophet showed up all around the world all at once... photocopies, emails, websites, just.. eveywhere.. and for a very long time.

They could even be 'respectful' and just.. present... after a while you'd think there would be more tolerance because people would be too lazy to go and kill every single offender...


there would be mass murder (fatwa inc.) and police and military retaliation to those killing it's citizens over photocopies.


Asif Mandvi is not being fully upright. He is barely being politically correct, but if pushed into a corner, he would have even lied. I can see him go to a dark room when this show is over and shout Allahu Akbar as loud as he can too vent his rage.

Commedy often includes acting and saying things that are clearly lies.

Perhaps this impass is why so many think Moslims have no sense of humor.


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