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Religion, Violence & South Park


Comments just got awesomely hacked

islams are really scary when it comes to making fun about their religion. very violent people, though I admire their faith to what they believe in. hope southpark creators are still alive up to this moment, I like watching their show, but I'm much more interested with family guy.

Yeah, I might even agree with her.

Except she's a liar. She makes stuff up.

Like her personal life story, which she originally did to get refugee status (and is kind of understandable).

But she continued that lie for quite some time - at least until found out - in order to establish her prominence intellectual.

Sorry, but I have standards. I wouldn't give her house room.

I have said this before and I will say it again: Every single person in the West who finds the Islamic threats of violence against anyone who criticizes their religion to be entirely repugnant and contrary to the ideals of a free society needs to draw their own cartoon of Mohammed and post it somewhere. You can put it on Facebook, your blog, in your family photo album. We are being incredibly cowardly by not standing behind people who take our concept of free speech seriously. Nut up, people!

This whole debacle gets worse and worse. I logged onto my netflix account to see if I could still watch episode 68 of South Park (season 5) on instant watch. It's an earlier episode of the show that depicts muhammad. You can still play all other episodes but episode 68 is "disc only". This is insane. I cannot stream a cartoon because of the depiction of a religious figure.


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