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Pope's Preacher Compares Abuse Row to Anti-Semitism



Oh late night math makes funny little videos.

I find the irony in this statement a little overwhelming.

Pat Condell (as usual) gives a good summation, this was posted vefore he anti-semitism furore.

I give up - it's too early here in Yurrup. I need coffee.

The Jews in 1930s Germany were guilty of child sexual molestation and coverup of the same? Wow, thanks Dr Goebbels; that really helps put the holocaust in context.

I wonder if people will ever stop making bullshit analogies. A well crafted analogy can be an important argumentative or pedagogical tool. But saying 'persecution of a group... that's like the holocaust' or 'negotiation rather than warfare... that's what happened at Munich' or 'the appropriation through taxation of funds for efforts to ameliorate poverty... that's communism' does nothing to inform and only serves to muddy the waters of public discourse.

By the way; this story might make more sense in context:

Day 1) Archbishop says 'the catholic church is a busted flush'. Day 2) Much furore. Day 3) Archbishop apologises to Cardinal of Dublin (or whatever). Day n+3) Archbishop says that criticism of the catholic church is akin to a particularly famous form of racism.

Playing the 'anti-semite' card; doesn't work when zionists do it, works even less when Christians do it.


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