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When is Jon Stewart going to do a segment on Jewish child abuse? Circumcision is an unnecessary custom of the willful mutilation boy children. Entirely healthy normal body tissue is cut off because of some old stupid superstition. Why not cut off a finger or a toe for that matter?

I agree completely with you about circumcision, but how does that have to do anything with this news? I mean, he also didn't complain about womens' genital mutilation in some other cultures, or countless other cases.

Why not cut off a finger or a toe for that matter?

indeed, i would heartily recommend that bernarda take this matter up with the yakuza, in a direct and personal way, forthwith.

Nice reference to the Cathari and the Albigensian Crusades.

In terms of Ratzinger's job record as head of church abuses or whatever the post was called (not that is mattered, apparently), I give you what looks like a musical reference: Foss Lukas! (for hungarian speakers).


Foss Lukas?

What? I don't get it. He's improvising?

I once skipped high school to see one of L.F.'s presentations, Beethoven's composing/posing/winking, "practicing" in his concerti, whatever, more like worrying, Darwinian variationing, preternatural selection.

The idea of "God" is a solipsistic projection of the infantile ego, Christian Musselman, Jew, unholy trinity. Maybe even Zoroaster, and King Tut's Daddy...

I prefer to think of the Father as the vertical dimension, the Son as the left to right horizontal, and the "Holistic Ghost" as the goes-foreward-and-backward axis: three good axes, a more or less Buddhistical interpretation/interpenetratiion. I'm the alspace-filling emptiness, the light, a lamp unto my selfless self, the Pope?

The Poop!

He's got some great hats though...

Foss Lukas?

What? I don't get it. He's improvising?

you're getting warm (but not all the way there) on this toward the end of your post:

The Poop!


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