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Philip Pullman: nobody has the right not to be offended

Philip Pullman responds to a Christian's criticism of the title of his book. Where the hell does it come from, this idea that they have a right not to be offended?

I'm offended by their pitiful pious pleas for me to believe as they believe. I'm offended by their hypocrisy, their gullibility, and their deceitfulness. What I'm not is offended by is their right to speak even as I retch at their self-righteous drivel.

Well said Mr. Pullman, well said!

The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ




So far I've read five of Philip Pullman's books, including the WONDERFUL GOLDEN COMPASS trilogy, and I've loved every one of them! And I'm 64 years old... I can't wait for his new book to come out on May 20th.... I'll be at my local bookstore early on that day. Thank you for telling it like it is MR. PULLMAN. F--k the Pedophile infested church, and all their apologists who just aren't getting the job done. PEDOPHILIA is a hard crime to hide, even when you make the victims sign confidentiality agreements and try to put the fear of Geebus into them! The current Pope, NAZINGER, should be CASTRATED in public and hung from the steeple of the Vatican't! Question: For Lent, do priests have to give up f**king little boys asses????

I was just having this discussion with a friend of mine. He was confusing the right not to be offended with people (me) being assholes and offending just for shits and giggles.

sounds like someone that needs to be offended more often.

Nah he probably is less offendable than me. It's just that he doesn't live here, religion believe it or not, is more innocuous (OK, that's not the right word at all, but you get me) in some South American countries, so they usually don't feel the need to ridicule others and their idiocy.

I did tell him my own version of what Norm said above. "I'm offended when they believe I'm so stupid to believe their bullshit" or some such. The burnings of movie theaters in Brazil when The Last Temptation of Christ was re-released was also discussed. I know he doesn't believe those terrorists (whose day job is just to be "normal" catholics") were justified, so he wasn't gonna say that. So then, what's the alternatives? Being terrorized into silence, or show the movie in more theaters than people have torches.

His point was that free speech shouldn't include insults, but I was saying that insulting depends on the insulted entirely. Slippery slope, and no one will talk about anything, ever.

What punishment does he propose?

I think they used to crucify people who insulted the gods or the state. I have heard about that, I forget where.

That's a good question. He was talking more about one's own rules of behavior, that one shouldn't try to insult people. This was in the context of religious people though. Maybe we were talking past each other, cause I was talking about free speech and censorship.

The confusion of the "right' and the "mandatory" is called totalitarianism.

Very well said, indeed (I think the "indeed" sounds very British). As I suggested during the whole Mohammed cartoon affair, every person in the West should have drawn a cartoon picture of Mohammed in support of Lars Vilks, the Danish cartoonist now hiding from Muslim would-be murderers. Instead of offering them one target we should give them millions. I don't have to respect yours or anyone else's silly deity.


So far I've read five of Philip Pullman's books... and I've loved every one of them! Especially his Dark Materials/Golden Compass trilogy. I can't wait for his new book to be available at my local Barnes & Noble on May 20th.... I'll be there early to pick up my copy on that day. Thank you for telling it like it is Mr. Pullman. The church needs to be put in it's place!.... Down with the refuse of the Human Race..........

Norm, how much of the text above is you? I thought the second paragraph was a quote until I listened and he said something different.

I like your version better.

It's all mine as far as I know. I had just listened to Pullman's rant so maybe I inadvertently copied some of his language, but I don't think I did.

Oh I see why you ask, it was the "well said" bit at the bottom it sounds like I'm applauding the preceding paragraph as his. .

Well, it's good Friday so out of respect I went into the forest and asked the gods there: which of you will die for my sins? Naturally, the response I got turned into a poem.

You've have quite a bit of inspiration lately. Thanks for the link!

The Sun always dies. It's easy for the Sun, it gets reborn just as often.


Chtistians.... Most of you have never even read Pullman, and most of you wouldn't even understand it if you did. So, STFU, until someone, almost anyone, much smarter than you tells you how to think and what to say........... I'm LMAO @ You brainless near-retards

So, STFU, until someone, almost anyone, much smarter than you tells you how to think and what to say

That's actually their problem, isn't it?

Thanks for playing Mike. I do believe we have a few readers here. Not to mention, we were just discussing his one point, not his life's work.

Shhh... Zarathustra is speaking.


So happy I could get this discussion going! :-)


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