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I didn't read terribly far, but in the first twenty or so letters there were a lot of outstanding responses dismembering HuffPo's anti-science article.

I keep moving Huffpo further and further down my links lisk.

Check out this religion story

There politics coverage is ussually digestable, but their religion and science coverage seems like its all designed by scientologists and Deepak Chopra.

•The Fight Between Cars and Children

Wait, so there is nutrician in corn based food pruducts?

I mean really, we would like corn priced to go up until we stop flooding our food market with sugar filled crap right?

What seems to be happening here is that when the price of soda and ketchup go up, the poor buy less tomatos and bannanas and keep buying the soda.

It's more a war between nutrician and ignorance, with subsidies and big business playing the role of spoiler.

I certainly agree that we should quit subsidizing corn, and probably quit using it for fuel for our cars. But corn is an amazing crop, and yes it provides needed nutrition when used in the right way. It is an important component of our food supply.

Corm is pretty amazing - food corn, that is. Before ethanol, it was a genetic breeding success story.

Iowa corn in August is truly yummy. I still have 2 filmed and foiled ears in their husks waiting for me to unfreeze them. Tasty!

You clearly have never eaten corn from NJ, PA, or MD. They producers of the most deliscious sweet corn known to man.

Midwestern corn is always cross polinated with feed corn, making it more chewy and less sweet.

I grew up on the east coast, so Oho! I have had corn from both PA and MD. You gotta find the right farmers at the Des Moines farmer's market. I know that I sound like such a mid-west newbie, but I have found some delish corn here.

yeah, but these folks aren't reducing their nutritional intake because of reduced consumption of sweet corn and corn meal are they?

Not knowing who Adam Taylor was until I read the linked blog, I immediately thought of the "appalling manners" story all over the wire this morning. I have to confess, I thought the memo was funny.

my bad - "Adam" should read "Harry." no idea how that got screwed up.


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