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Re: Brain Training

Norm, did you secretly hope that being good at chess would make you nsmarter otherwise?

I heard some NPR story on improving brain function that included reading or watching the news channel with opposite views to the one you currently watch. So, yeah - we should all tune into FOX now.

This story re-surges on occasion and it should, and will include things like doing typical tasks with the opposite hand as well as games and puzzles.

Norm: have you ever played chess without the board/in your head? A friend of my mom's used to do that in high school. The members of the chess club would meet in then hall between classes and exchange 1 move each.

I can usually get through a game without sight of the board, but it is hard work for me, while a Grandmaster friend of mine had no trouble at all, in fact he could play several games at once that way.

It's a fantasy of mine. I imagine that chess, word puzzles etc. are helpful, but I don't seen any clear evidence that they are.


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