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Links With Your Coffee - Wednesday

  • Women to blame for earthquakes, says Iran cleric (tip to Pedantsareus)
    Women behaving promiscuously are causing the earth to shake, according to cleric, as Ahmadinejad predicts Tehran quake
  • Pulp Kitchen (tip to Pedantsareus)
    Book Publishers Penguin Australia have had to pulp 7,000 copies of the cookbook The Pasta Bible after a mistake was printed giving a recipe for for pasta with "salt and freshly ground black people".
    (It's just more of God's wrath, hitting them in the pocket book> a pillar of salt solution may have have been more appropriate
  • Lionel Shriver: America's Best Writer? How can that be, I've never heard of her? I don't know about you but I continue to be amazed every day at how much I don't know. I love it, one can never run out of new things to discover. Now let me see, which one of these should I start with.
  • Speaking of reading, I just finished Who Do You Love by Jean Thompson

  • It is one of the best short story collections I've ever read. Usually when I read a collection of stories I find a couple I like and a description or two that really stands out.

    This collection is packed with delightful prose on every page. One of her characters wants her life to be "a procession of ordinary delights." While another character is described as having a heart like a Twinkie "full of oversweet goo" A long straight freeway in Indiana, or Illinois, or ... hell I forget, is described as a concrete zipper.

    In one story she sets the scence with this gem: "The phone wasn't working. The televison was. Gene Autrey and Roy Rogers were talking about the good old days, the singing cowboy days Back when fistfights were clean and villains were swarthy and girls knew how to faint and a string orchestra lurked behind every boulder." I love that a string orchestra lurked behind every boulder. It really brings back the memories of old westerns on TV. If you're a fan of good story telling and exceptional writing this is a must read collection.

  • Video: Islamic website vs. 'South Park'



Iranian clerics are clearly fans of classic rock:

I feel the earth move under my feet... Carole King

I'm all shook up... Elvis Presley

Wild thing ... you move me... The Trogs

You beat me to the lyrics!

As far as the Muslim shitbags targeting the creators of South Park, I suggest that everyone in the West draw their own cartoon of Mohammed in a show of support (I said this originally after they targeted the Danish cartoonist Lars Vilks). Let them try to kill all of us. What those losers really need is a few glasses of wine and some nice girls.

I wouldn't wish these assholes on any girls.

Psycho shitbags. Freedom of speech may cover what they say, but hard to believe these folks can live comfortably in a free society and still spout this hateful totalitarian crap.

...and Muslims clerics saying that slutty women are rocking the world? There may be hope for those guys afterall.

I finished We Need to Talk About Kevin. I found it at Audible after seeing your bit on the author. I must say, it is one of the best books I've read in a long time. The writing is incredible.


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