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Links With Your Coffee - Thursday




'Sorcerer' Faces Death

They believe that fortune telling is real? Would they have killed him if he hosted a show a la james Randi about how all magic is fake?

Would they have killed him if he hosted a show a la james Randi about how all magic is fake?

Only if it showed how the magic of Allah was fake.

He should have seen it comming I suppose.

Just last night Jimmy Kimmel had a kind of famous psychic on and had him predict some college basketball results. You can imagine what happened (there was a team on the bracket named "Flanders").

What I don't know is how a guy like that accepts such a challenge. I guess if the whole bit was real, he couldn't but accept it (they told him the challenge on-camera).

Reminds me of Uri Geller's appearance on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson:

I saw one report where they interviewed a police officer who said he didn't see the yellow "park here" signs, and he did warn several Glenn Beck fans that they couldn't park there, but it seems at least those were too much of entitled assholes to listen.

If it was indeed a prank though, it's pretty funny.

Takes a pretty big set of balls to tow 53 terrorist, white supremacist, and libertarian cars!

Those Teabonics signs are hilarious. Does one has to be illiterate to be a member of the Tea Party movement? I particularly like the ones demanding English as the official language but loaded with spelling and grammar errors. That's just too perfect!


"Remember, if Michael Steele doesn't get a solid gold zeppelin full of hookers, the terrorists win. Posted 3 days ago. ( permalink )"

Teabony Ice:

Skyhookers, carbon nanofibrous space elevator off Ecuador, Galapagos sling.

If I'm feeling real futurist about now, the extraterrorestrials win!

E. Tea

phone home?

More obscure feminist composers, please...


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