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Gypsy's 3 piano picks

A little bit off the beaten path, but worth it, I think:

Franz Joseph Haydn Sonata No. 58 in C Major, Hob. XVI: 48. O own a nice copy of Emmanuel Ax performing it, but if you want to hear at least a sample free of charge, this seems to be your best bet.

Fryderyk Chopin Ballade in G Minor with Cécile Licad. Amazon's made life difficult for tracks, so here's Massimillano Ferrati.

John Cage Prelude for Meditation with Hildegard Kleeb on prepared piano. You can get a sample on Amazon; Stephen Drury's recording is up on youtube.



I don't recall listening to Sonata No. 58 before, or if I have it's been years. I didn't have a recording of it in my collection and so purchased the Emanual Ax recording you mentioned, it's great. Thanks for the recommendation. I'm a big fan of keyboard music, maybe because I quit taking piano lessons so many times during my life, and so admire those who play well. I'm left with the ability to play a couple of simple Bach and Mozart tunes and an enduring love of the instrument.

That Manny Ax CD is a good one, purchased for extra recording s when I was teaching music history some years back. (now it's music lit for music majors and we're on piano) Anyway, I like #58 just because it's something we wouldn't normally relate to Haydn.

Norm, if you can get through Bach and Mozart, you're doing pretty well in my opinion. For me it's those basic chordal accompaniments for flute solos! You should guest pick - with your favorite pieces to play!


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