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Dawkins at His Best



Seems that Wise did the babble cutting before his college education though, says almighty Wiki.

A question I would like to ask any person who quotes the Bible:

"Which parts of the Bible do you not agree with?"

and start with the selling of daughters into slavery, stoning gay people, not talking to women who are menstruating, publicly stoning disobedient sons, throwing the babies of your enemies on the rocks, etc.

I find that most Christians don't believe most of the old testament, and don't know much of the new testament (or even Jesus’ actual name), and thus, should be educated.

I'm very ok with anyone being 'spiritual' and believing what they will, as long as they don't think a book they disagree with gives them unquestionable righteousness because it is infallible.

What he doesn't realize is that religions give people meaning and that meaning doesn't require any critical thinking so it is available to everyone, smart or stupid. If only science could give purpose and meaning to a live! Science is not the answer to religion because science is only concerned with explanations not with solutions to the human condition. Of course god doesn't exist but that is not what religious people are asking for. What religious people (and everyone else) are asking for is meaning and purpose, true or false (it doesn't really matter), in the worst of circumstances and conditions. Humanism should stop spending time rebating the existence god which is easily done and more time finding compelling emotional meaning that makes life less miserable. Religion can provide meaning and comfort to an illiterate person, humanism hardly can and science can not. This is the key to the success of religions.


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