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Atheist Calls For Pope's Arrest



Man, what is she smoking? Did she even mention that Richard Dawkins is an eminent ethologist and evolutionary biologist, formerly Simonyi Professor for Public Understanding of Science at the University of Oxford (a post created for him!). Yes, I know, I know, you already knew -- but who knows who might stumble in here? AFAI can see, he is introduced as Richard Dawkins, Atheist -- as if that is all that matters. Dumb and dumber.

It's important to note his philosophical position, since religious people have no moral problem with child rape in the name of god and if they were attacking the Catholic church would be doing so strictly based on some prejudice.

If a Principle knew a teacher was rapping children we would have his head. If a religious organization owns this scenario, we don't know why its a crime against humanity.

I really just don't understand.

To be honest it seems like a publicity stunt. Calling for the arrest of the visible head of the church while completely turning a blind eye to those who commited the abuse first hand. Yes the Pope deserves to be held accountable, but not before those who carried out the offences.

Ventura was on Real tiem over the weekend and his analogy was to oraganized crime.

These are felonys committed by members of an organization, which were enabled and covered up by the organization. Meaning that even if they weren't ordered by the head, the leadership is still prosecutable under RICO laws.


Sounds like a good legislation to use as guideline. Especially since it has come to light that Ratzinger had knowledge of the crimes. Wonder if the ICC could act upon it.

Regardless, the Pope has diplomatic immunity. I understand completely the position Dawkins is taking, but in a few ways, it makes the whole mess even worse by making him look like he is digging for publicity. If it was indeed Hitchens idea, perhaps he should be the voice for it. I'm not saying it shouldn't happen, I'm just saying it wouldn't happen. The only way it could would be if Catholics actually spoke with their Bishops about it to get the ball rolling. We can look at the scenario and it makes sense to us, but it only makes sense to the church when its followers are the infuriated ones.

He's been on the telly

But as Dawkins has said: if anything happens then it will be these two people who will make it happen: Geoffrey Robertson Mark Stephens

The only way the Catholic Church will respond or change is if the laity stop dropping money in the collection plates and they make it clear that their money will be held in a kind of 'escrow' until the heads of a whole lot of bishops, archbishops, and cardinals roll.

Dawkins as much as said that this is about making a point, not really about getting the Pope arrested - he said he knows that isn't going to happen. You can use words with a perjorative connotation to describe it (digging for publicity) if you want, but I think he is absolutely right to do this. He and Hitchens want as many opportunities as possible to stand up and say, "Look, if the Catholic church officials were instead officials of a public school system and it was discovered that they had obstructed justice and enabled child rapists to find fresh victims in the process, no one – NO ONE – would allow them off the hook. ONLY because the Catholic church is a religious organization has this disgusting state of affairs been allowed to go on."

They want to rip the clergy off their pedestals from which they are granted a special voice in moral discussions. Dawkins knows he won't win now, but Catholic clergy - and all clergy to some extent - are taking major damage over this. In the US, is there any more dramatic demonstration of how Christian clergy have been granted de facto recognition as a special class of citizens - in direct contradiction of the First Amendment? Is their any more dramatic demonstration of just exactly why "respect for the establishment of religion" is a disastrous policy?

Is there any...



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