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Atheist Barbie by Blag Hag


An Episcopal Priest designed reverand Barbi the youth minister so a lovely blogger fired back with her own version of the icon. Check out her blog.




I think you mean Blag Hag :)

The Richard Dakwins book is a nice touch.

To be fair to the priest, at least religious Barbie is in a prominent church position - I thought I saw a regular priest robe as part of the youth minister's ensemble - rather than someone who stands up and does a reading from the gospel, or announces those in need of prayer.

K- I went back and looked more carefully; the priest in question is female too. And the barbie priest is wearing sexy shoes, it seems!

I do wonder where I can get an FSM necklace.

I just want to know what a SURPISE orgy is. It sounds HOT!

its "orgies" Nobody does just one. ANd when you are wearing a science shirt, they are all surprises.

ANd when you are wearing a science shirt, they are all surprises.

yeah, i think you guys should start fighting for the rights of women to walk around in their panties and be surprised when a "surprise orgy" is sprung on them. oh, wait, we're already doing that...

i'm not clear, is this something lampooning atheists, or lauding them? or is it one of those post-modernist "lampoons that are embraced as a badge of pride by the lampooned community"? i can't keep up with this stuff.

Can you tell what eating babies for lunch is?

To be or NOT to be surprised

whoa, it is be surprised. i should know better than to try to edit my always perfect posts.

I still want to know what a SURPISE orgy is. I can't find the word in my Hextionary, but I suspect that it's been written by stealth religious zealots.

It's all Atheist code. Can't tell you.

When you find yourself in one, you'll know!


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