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Ze Pope...Nazi

Dawkins made some outrage when some mistook this comment as one pointed at the current Pope. He was talking about those currently up for Sainthood. I think he rightly point out how quickly religion proves our points when they say that those that associate with Nazis and cover up for child molesters are infallible beings expressing the will of God.



This bothers me a lot because it is Anglo-Saxon chauvinism at its worse. Something that Americans and British people tend to do all the time and it is utterly disgusting. A lot of British and Americans disregard everything german as nazi and are always fixated with the iconography and mythology of ww2 in the most arrogant way.

I think the Pope he is referring to actually did aid the Nazi

And not as a child but as an adult.

I think he is talking about Ratzinger not about Pius XII. Although If he is talking about Pius I'm with Dawkins.

Pius XII is up for cannonization.

...up for cannonization.

I guess he'll be a real big shot then, eh?

Let me the first to declare that I clearly don't understand what is going on in the cathoic church. I also really don't want to try.

Actually I was making a bad joke: canon vs. cannon

Haah. I was about to go all spelling stickler on Red for that. Anyway, was this current pope not also involved with the Nazis in some form? I seem to remember that being a big issue when they were choosing John Paul II's successor.

I see that the Oklahoma Legislature is now 'investigating' the speech that RD gave at the University. ( )

He certainly is stirring things up!


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