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The War on Facts

Well, our Educations standards are sinking to the lowest common denominator. Texas being the lowest denominator. I hope this means that the rest of the country won't accept Texas text books. In the mean time, Conservative Christians are looking to remove that Deist Thomas Jefferson from American history, as well as that messy seperation of church and state/secular nation BS.

Here is one of the scary people

Here is some coverage of the current mess.

Conservative Bloc Prevails In Latest TX Textbooks Standards Vote

Another vote, another win for the conservative majority on Texas' State Board of Education.

The 11-4 vote today on the latest draft of Texas' high school history standards comes as the story has blown up, attracting intense media coverage from national outlets including the New York Times and Fox News, which reported live from Austin all week.

"In all honesty, it was a debacle for public education," says Dan Quinn of the Texas Freedom Network, a liberal watchdog that tracks the board. Read More



The video won't play, just as it won't on

There are a bunch of McLeroy videos up on youtube; check the right hand side bar for more - if you can stomach that.

I think you should be more sympathetic; this guy has correctly recognised that reality has a liberal bias and feels a need to correct that.

Must make you feel proud having people setting textbooks who can't think their way to the end of their own... the minority couldn't... the majority had to make the decision for the minorities.

Although I disagree strongly with the removal of Thomas Jefferson and the deistic morals of the founding fathers from Textbooks; a lot of McLeroy said about the adding of the conservative resurgence in the 1980's and the Newt Gingrich's "Republican Revolution" in the 1990's is fine by me. It happened and it has historical relevance, why wouldn't it be there?

Well, History doesn't usually spend a lot of time on the last 20 years. Maybe its a fault. But deciding to skip over the 40's through the 60's and then emphasise the 80's and 90's is sort of out of character.

Also, the rewrite on McCarthy is downright disgusting. Man was an nut that really started something that damaged our democracy.

What is the difference or meaning behind "lowest constant denominator" versus "lowest common denominator" or is this just a typo?

This guy is clearly from the 1880's. Send him back.

This dude is simply an idiot. Thank god (sic) he got kicked out!!!


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