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The 'Life of Brian' Debate



I love this one. Things have changed now, the religious on these "debates" aren't as entitled and arrogant if you notice (though they still are a lot). In today's TV if someone like the guy in the dress came off like that looking down arrogantly on his opponents, without anything of substance to say, he would just be seen by most people as a giant douchebag.

The fact of the matter is that he WAS seen, as you put it, as a giant douchebag (by most of the people in Britain) at the time. It is interesting to me that Cleese. apparently attempting to reconcile the film with Christianity, says that the message is "Work it out for yourself, you are all individuals, don't let anyone tell you what to do." - the absolute antithesis of the overall religious message of a 'Revealed Truth.'

Oh I didn't realize that. Why was Palin so upset then, I would have just found it amusing. I think Cleese was having fun, IIRC.

He thought it was a debate and instead was simply insulted like a child.

It probably took all he had not to shout, "But you are wearing a dress!"

I think you are right about Cleese - a subtle dig at the established religion!

It is significant that the Python team had great respect for Muggeridge as a writer and satirist, which might explain some of Palin's discomfort.

You might like to look at wiki on the 2 'douchebags':

Yeah, I know Muggeridge as a giant douchebag because of Hitchens' book on Mo Teresa. According to it, he's mainly responsible for her celebrity due to some astoundingly stupid "miracle". (Really, it's THAT stupid. Pretty much like when people see "angels" in photographs which are just flare (internal lens reflections).)

This one is amazing too though. I'd forgotten about it.


one of those protest signs reads "PYTHON = SERPENT = SATAN"

which is kinda funny, because the serpent wasn't even Satan.

I love it when an ignorant person is given sign making materials.. I just wish they had the conviction to tattoo that nonsense on their foreheads for all time.


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