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The Internet: Where Religions Come to Die

(tip to Chris)



Hmmm - can't this video to work either, so I'm starting to think it's me...

As for the video content, I'll agree it's difficult to indoctrinate a mass if they are not all in the same location. However, there are plenty of places on the internet that perpetuate religion and have plenty of followers. Hey kids, here's one! And the Christian Coalition has a ready set of articles to keep you on the straight and narrow.

A currently religious person has to be open to new ideas to leave the flock. S/he has to be willing to take a risk and forge ahead, with or without family and friends. If these aspects aren't part of a person's being (soul, as in essence), then religious affiliation - at the least - will continue.

I have a couple of gripes with those "number of adherents" figures. One is I thought Hinduism was bigger than catholicism (maybe I was wrong, or maybe Hinduism has to be broken down in sects like Catholicism is one sect of christianity).

But the bigger gripe is that everybody keeps repeating that "one billion plus" number. That number is fallacious. I AM IN THAT NUMBER! And millions like me who don't bother to do a formal apostasy. There was a collective apostasy movement in Argentina some time ago, just because of this crap.

Catholics at least in the South American countries are by and large the most slacker religion. The vast majority are "catholics" because they were baptized as children and didn't have any choice. And most of them will probably say they believe in "god", but they live their lives as practical atheists. They don't go to church if not for weddings or funerals. And they get horribly bored when they have to. They don't know what "transubstantiation" means, and I bet they don't know which part of the mass it happens in, either.

Why are those people counted? The catholic church is an organized crime institution, they keep cooked-up books.

"and I bet they don't know which part of the mass it IS SUPPOSED TO happen in, either."

New media always seems to be killing off gods.

As TV became popular God lived on teh radio. and the networks as cable became popular.

Now that the internet is big, the history channel seems to be the Christian History channel. One show after another about the bible and how hitler was in not a christian. Stuff like that.


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