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Take on the banks and their trillions of dollars?



I thought Carter (Aykroyd) is supposed to be Tip O'Neill...

I was like, man that carter looks fat.

I also didn't get the joke about him fixing things. I am not sure a H4H joke is what I would call funny.


I'm not sure what H4H is, but Carter is pretty well known for being a pretty good carpenter.

Habitat for humanity.

It struck me as a reference rather than a joke. It's where the skit went non funny.

Well, all in all... the intention of this skit is fine. And "Reagan" certainly is absolutely right about Obama growing a pair. But it all is awfully contrived. And I didn't really laugh. Sorry.

But, as I said: the theme is right. And that is actually quite sad...

Was there a president that looked, acted and talked exactly like Chevy Chase?

Or was Chevy Case ever president?

Or was Chevy Case ever president?

Don't be ridiculous. A shitty actor would make a shitty president.

I kind of want to see the Governator become the Presidator just for the fun of it.


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