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Smut for Smut

The smut for smut campaign is on again this year. Put on by Atheist Agenda

Here is some of the coverage. It has become an international story.

Bibles-for-porn stunt draws crowd at UTSA

Here is some of their first hand accounts from their website.

Smut For Smut Day 1


Yesterday was CRAZY. Protests started off in small prayer groups but soon grew to a HUGE crowd. I was surprised to see how fast our support grew too.

The intentions of Smut for Smut are working out really nicely in smaller doses than we would hope. A lot of people have come up to trade in their texts and talk with us. Some come up to just to find out exactly what we're about,


Smut for Smut Day 2

Well I think today was a lot bigger than yesterday. Not in terms of numbers, but in terms of the people that we actually got the opportunity to talk to not. Not get yelled at by. Also had a lot more people swapping today now that they know we are here.

I suppose that those that always object to anything that isn't a civil debate will object here, and likely say this plays to the worst stereotypes of Atheists. I for one really like the press they are getting for the message that the bible contains things worse than any porn video.

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video update:

(Thanks to Chris for the video link)



What I found interesting is that if CNN is reporting on this, it can't be easily found. It didn't come up with a regular search of their website, or doing a google cnn source search. Yet a search at google news for 'smut for smut' or 'porn for bibles' will give you links for the story at, foxnews and

What's really hilarious is the lawyer that fox news interviews about it. He says, "I know my porn" after the woman said he was up to speed on the college campuses. Priceless.

Fox news

"..soft core porn. So its totaly fine? So its totally fine."

"I know my Porn."

See, this is why I object to being put under the superficial "atheist" umbrella.

Giving away my porn? That's not my agenda.

nice job thomas


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