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Sam Harris and Michael Shermer take on Deepak Chopra

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I really enjoyed watching as exhausting as Chopra is.



I think that these sort of reasonable debates with well-educated atheists are a very good thing. Especially in contrast to Chopra, who just ends up muttering a lot of big words in hopes that it will impress everybody. This was extremely enjoyable.

Especially funny when the theoretical physicist offered to teach Chopra how quantum physics actually works. Chopra offered an explanation of consciousness with quantum mechanics lingo, and the physicist said something to the effect of: "I know what those words mean, they don't mean anything when you put them together like that."

thanks for the new sam harris stuff, here and also the "ted" talk. i've been looking forward to seeing him back "in the game", he's my favorite of the horseguys. he's very careful about his language and certainly better educated than i, though i still sometimes think i could help him express himself more clearly (like in the ted talk). but the important thing is that i don't ever recall him saying anything just obviously stupid for effect (which i am not above myself...) or be unwilling to reconsider a position or formulation of such. a mark of a finer intelligence, i think. i'm glad he's back.

i think deepak chopra is probably some kind of base criminal in his private life and it'll come out eventually. he is much too obvious in his appreciation of the "goodies" of the life of wealth and fame that he lives. i don't trust it, even though he (very) occasionally says something that is worthy of consideration.

he is much too obvious in his appreciation of the "goodies" of the life of wealth and fame that he lives.

What gave it away, was it his humble eyewear?

Here's the link to the whole debate, not just one part: Does God Have a Future?

Chopra is postmodernism for idiots. Which part is this, btw? I found some on youtube but the freaking internet here is so slow. I can't watch the abc videos, just have to wait for the whole youtube video to load. I'm loading one in which Deekap talks about consciousness and Harris begins mentioning oxytocin.

Glad you found this Red; I definitely didn't have time to go looking. Kaleena, thank you for the full link; I can head there Sunday night.

Richard Dawkins also takes on Deepak in his film "The Enemies of Reason". It's on youtube and there are two episodes. I forget which one has Deepak, but the whole thing is worth watching.

A bittorrent source for those with stuttering streams:

(You should be able to use VLC media player to view the .flv files)


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