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Jon Stewart Lampoons Glenn Beck

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Intro - Progressivism Is Cancer
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The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
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(tip to Ollie)



cancer of the stupidity.

I can't believe so many people take Glenn Beck seriously as if he's a sane person. I agree with him on some things like having a smaller government and...well, that's about it actually. I consider myself a "conservative" libertarian - I'm very liberal when it comes to social issues and sex, but very conservative when it comes to government and economics - however, I feel almost embarrassed sometimes when I tell others I'm a libertarian because of Glenn Back and his nutty cantankerous followers.

kinda makes you think.


Yes. It always makes me think. Everyone's a nut except for me, which makes me a nut for thinking that.

how much govt should there be according to libertarians? military only?

For me I think the less government we have the better off we are. Yes, we need military and we do need laws to protect individuals and their property, but we don't need all of these useless Departments of __ (fill in the blank). All kinds of laws such as drug laws, same sex marriage laws, hate crime laws don't do anything to help us advance and be truly progressive from my perspective.

Hmm...roads? Who does those? Do you pay to have your own road made? Or, do you get together with the neighbors and say no one can use the road unless they pay? Or - are there still taxes but you don't let the government have them? And what about fireman and policeman - does everyone pay if they want to use them and if they don't pay, if there's a fire, no one comes? Or do we all just have our own guns instead of policemen? I really don't get the whole libertarian thing but I think I'm missing some info...maybe it's not an extensive end of government as it seems...

When it comes to firefighters and police that's more of a local/state issue. I don't mind paying taxes for those kinds of services, although I think a private firefighting business may be better or just as good. They could have better equipment and firefighters could even get paid more. However, that's dealing more in anarcho-capitilism although it would be interesting to see how that would work. As for roads I think a private owner takes much better care of roads than government can. I live near Pittsburgh, PA and most of the government roads are terrible. There's pot holes everywhere and they use shitty asphalt so it wears down easily. The privately owned roads are smooth and virtually pothole free. When there's a problem it gets fixed in a matter of days. Look at the quality of the privately owned roads versus the government run roads across the US and even in other countries.


Don't Panic.

Not all libertarians are drooling Beck-heads. It may be just you and me, actually, but that gives me hope.

And- Norm should appreciate this- I hereby swear that the next time some old retard on Medicare rants to me about "socialized medicine" I will punch them in the nose.

What will this accomplish you ask? Who cares? It needs to be done.

People that don't see that corporations are a bigger threat than govt are blind to reality or a number of truths.

These last two shows cannot be denied - Jon (and his team) get better and better.

I disagree. Corporations getting in bed with government is the largest threat in my opinion. Once corporations start getting special privileges from government then that's when we really need to start being concerned and take action. Look what's happening now. The Supreme fucking Court says it's okay for corporations to spend as much money as they want for their candidates campaign. I know a lot of people on here may disagree with me, but I think the health bill will end up benefiting insurance companies and drug companies more than people. I hope I am wrong on that though, but I really can't see anything good come out of this from my point of view. Along with the Separation of Church and State, there should also be a Separation of Corporation and State. Let the corporations do what they do, which is make a good product or provide a good service. If there's fraud, mistreatment of people or their money then that business will have to suffer the consequences, whichever that may be. Unfortunately, our government loves to bail out their pals when they fuck up. Corporatism is the real problem. But that's just me and I could be wrong.

Am I the only liberal in America who has never seen a Glenn Beck episode? I wonder if his high ratings are because people who don't like him watch him so they can promote him by complaining about him.

I wonder if his high ratings are because people who don't like him watch him so they can promote him by complaining about him.

i also wonder about this, you know. i do it myself (not with the intention of promoting him, of course) whenever i have access to a tv, which is about 4 months a year. i'ts fascinating- kind of like watching charlie manson or something.

I've never watched Beck - only in clips here and a bit elsewhere. I watched O'Reilly occasionally many years ago and have heard Limbaugh on the radio in snatches. I used to watch (but, thankfully, couldn't hear) Hannity on the Rec center TVs while I was working out on the machines. I was once in hospital reception room and they had FOX news on - I went to the desk and asked them to please turn the propaganda channel off.

wow - where do you live again, Tim? I find that frightening that there is a place where anyone would think that is the standard viewing channel...

Actually, most hospital waiting rooms with outside TV have FOX News on... and I know my hospital waiting rooms. The child specific waiting rooms usually use DVDs of children's programming, tho. We are in 'liberal' Southern Cali.

Liberal SoCal? So you're not behind the Orange Curtain, I take it...must be LA. Ronald Reagan hospital? Maybe that's part of the deal with the name. Amazing hospital, though.

I had no idea...


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