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"Now, am I advising people to leave their church? Yes!"- Glen Beck

There isn't much room to be surprised by Beck. The man is unstable and if he started seeing smurfs in the middle of his show, I would say, "It was only a matter of time." and then I would wonder if he is only doing it for ratings. This latest gaff points out just how reckless he is. He essentially brands Christians Nazi/communists for wanting social justice.

I was reading about this on Roger Ebert's blog. i have been really enjoying his movie reviews and his blog entries.

"Jesus was a Nazi. So's your preacher" By Roger Ebert



I don't know, isn't this anything other than just fucking awesome? Watch the fudies' head explode trying to choose between Beck and god! And who gets the guns in the divorce?

oops might have used one negative too many there but you know what I meant.

i don't see how this is surprising in any way to those who know the basic backstory, which is: beck is a convert to mormonism, which "saved" him from his previous god, cocaine. as a "born again", he is "holier than the pope"- that is he will push the REAL mormon line, as opposed to the officially sanctioned public line. this REAL line includes the idea that joe smith was one up, not only on "normative" christians, but on jesus himself. it was bound to come to this. the reason is partially, to be fair, that beck is actually sort of honest about his beliefs, which doesn't speak to their validity but is nonetheless rare in media. too bad (for him) it makes it so obvious what an idiot he is. but he's layin' out the truth as he sees it, y'all. lucky for us. :)

The official LDS stance is that the Catholic Church is the "whore of Babylon" - unless you discount virtually every sermon prior to the 80s by the church on the matter.

It's no surprise that a religious evangelical and convert says for people to leave their church. He actually beliefs this stuff - and would be justified if his beliefs were true.

Sam Harris covered this very well in The End of Faith - that fundamentalism is the logical conclusion to deeply held beliefs and premises.

LDS have constantly believed the end is nigh (based on what is said) despite the prancing around the issue and saying "no man knows the hour."

It's a mess really - which is why I high tailed it out of the church when the premises for that belief system fell through for me.

Sad thing is - I doubt many will boycott. The LDS already had communism/socialist paranoia thanks to Ezra Taft Benson and Bruce R. McConkie

Fundamentalist churches (despite their grievances with LDS) are very similar in ideology when it comes to socialism.

Norm (and Reed, of course) have joined forces with Glen Beck - they all think you should leave your church.

Strange bedfellows indeed.

I only want them to leave their church if they have arrived at their decision through the use of reason, otherwise let them stay where they are. It's easier to identify the nuts when they are huddled in groups.

Easier to categorize anyway.


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