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Not Winning Oscars: Movies by the Churchies

I saw these on a worst movie list and had to share.




Oh man these are TERRIBLE! Especially the first one. What the hell were they thinking?

I love that one of those gets and especially.

Alright. Who's bright idea was it to put these trailers up? I feel like I just wasted five minutes of my precious life on some of the worst promos ever conceived, when I could of just jerked off to some really bad animal soft porn (

Is it me, or did the devil character in the second trailer start speaking in some Native American tongue? That ought to really bode well in winning some more hearts and minds of the American Indian population (although, the large number of them in the Mormon church is kind of... I don't know...). What was with the "...when I first saw you..." and the nail being hammered through the hand "... I thought I saw God..."? What ever happened with the Buddy Jesus approach to mass marketing? Man, I got to get out from under the rock, I just don't get it.

Sorry, I thought they were laughably bad.

They were, actually, hysterically awful. Sorry if I came off a bit hard (I thought the Buddy Jesus thing would simmer things a bit). It's kind of a good thing these producers didn't put the extra bills into making a semi-half ass attempt at hiding what these movies were about. You know, suckering people into Amway without mentioning the product...

They are still better than Scientology's Battlefield Earth. smile

OMG, no wonder the reich wing fundies hate Hollywood. Hollywood produces decent movies, fundies produce unwatchable trash. So the point is this bad actress dances, that upsets the Devil because the Devil is apparently a Baptist with cataracts?

The second one is like a Lifetime movie, but without a plot. I suppose a praise band is a band that isn't good enough to be at the level of a garage band or play at a sixth grade dance.

Yowsers - these are for real.

It doesn't require god to get funding for movies this bad, but it sure doesn't hurt.

Meh, they're no Glitter

ZING! My retribution is swift and divinely shitty!

Super J.

By the way, something seemed familiar. Jump to 1:49 on the first trailer. Ah that was it!

It seems they just googled something with the word "devil" in it, you know, for inspiration.

good eye

It doesn't come up any more - so creepy aaaah!


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