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Links With Your Coffee - Sunday


  • Wi-Fi Anxiety: Man Sues Neighbor to Shut Off Electronics (tip to David)
  • Ratzinger is the Perfect Pope by Richard Dawkins
    No, Pope Ratzinger should not resign. He should remain in charge of the whole rotten edifice - the whole profiteering, woman-fearing, guilt-gorging, truth-hating, child-raping institution - while it tumbles, amid a stench of incense and a rain of tourist-kitsch sacred hearts and preposterously crowned virgins, about his ears.

  • The Catholic Church is a Criminal Enterprise
    "But even worse — what does Dolan’s whiny deflecting and excuse-making say about the church as an arbiter of ethical values? These pompous assholes run around in their poofy robes and dresses shaking smoke-filled decanters with important expressions on their faces and pretending to great insight about grace and humility, but here we have the head of the largest Diocese in America teaching his entire congregation that when caught committing a terrible sin, the appropriate response is to blame the media and pull the “All the other kids were doing it, too!” stunt!

    I was raised Catholic but stopped going to church at the age of 12. I was a complete idiot at that age with regard to almost every other area of human knowledge, but even I knew back then that the church was a scam. There are good and decent people working as individual priests, but the institution as a whole is a gang of cheap charlatans preying on peoples’ guilt feelings (which of course are cultivated intentionally by the church, which teaches children to be ashamed of their natural sexuality) in order to solicit a lifetime of contributions."

  • LeftBanker

    Sometimes when your car starts requiring repairs and you fix it, but it's not really fixed you despair, and then you go out and buy a new one. That's what happened to the LeftBanker, his old blog became all work and no fun and so he moved it. It's time to update your links. If you haven't visited for a while you should drop by, check out his new digs, commiserate with a clown who has lost his job, and take a bike ride or two or three and marvel at the beauty of Spain. Ah, the joys of virtual travel.

  • Sunday Sacrilege

  • Non-Human Persons

  • Hard Hitting Science News from Fox

  • Indian Guru Fails to Kill Skeptic on TV (the video) (tip to Chris)



Re: Wifi anxiety

Somebody should do once and for all a blind test on these nuts and shut them up already. I don't know why they just don't test them, it's so freaking easy.

to be fair: or shut us up.

How's this test for ya?

Massive revelation in iBurst tower battle

Maybe they were all getting "sick" from Dimmer switches just like the guy in Norm's link.

That was sort of unsurprising, both the results and the reaction. The wifi claims are more ridiculous though (one can understand the actual concern a high-power tower in relatively close range can cause), and much easier to test. I don't understand why the media even reports these non-news. It seems anyone can say sue anyone for anything crazy and it will make the "news".

On this WiFi complaint: I don't understand why, if this guy really believes he is under assault from electromagnetic signals, he doesn't lead foil his home. Any U.S. Department of Defense classified building or that of a contractor uses this fairly cheap process (sandwiched between drywall layers) to block signals coming in or out. This would have cost a lot less than the attorney fees and court fees this guy is going to have to eat when this gets thrown out of court. He could also buy a lot of foil hats too.

Sounds like something the father of teenage girls should invest in.

Sometimes when your car starts requiring repairs and you fix it, but it's not really fixed you despair, and then you go out and buy a new one.

Thanks for the plug but it's more like my old blog was a broke-down jalopy (I love that word) and it got towed so now I take the bus.

Greetings from the sunny Spanish Mediterranean.

Check out the bike my lady just got to ease her ride to work.

Very, very nice. Why would anyone drive a car if you can ride bikes like this? My city bike is a total piece of shit but I love it. I have a nice bike for sport but I have already had two bikes stolen here in Spain so something this nice to commute on would give me nightmares.

I have already had two bikes stolen here in Spain

Oh, so not everything is sunny in Spain. They ought to embed GPS technology into the frames, then you could track the bastards.

They should make the wheels lockable too so you can't ride the bike at all without the right code. It's cheap enough tech considering this $900 bike is on the cheap end of this type of commuter.

She can put the bike indoors on both ends of the ride.

OK, I just took a really good look at this completely and insanely—pardon the “yo” speak—dope-as-fuck bike. Now I have a question or two. If I marry you and then kill your wife but make it look like an accident, and after that you apparently die of natural causes (but loved ones find everything extremely curious and unlikely), do you think this bike will come to me in the will?

I'm just asking.

Well, She is my girlfriend, but her parents don't ride, so maybe. On the other hand her parents are the type to hire private investigators and that type of thing, so your enjoyment might be eliminated. i think selling your plasma to raise cash might be a better way to get there.

Indeed, and we have snow forecast for Wednesday.

Snowing in Utah ad 70+ degrees here in Minnesota. Our weather no longer makes any sense.


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