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Links With Your Coffee - Thursday




re: the new commandments- bwahahahaha! the poor guy looks about ready to fall over, and his objections and "suggestions" could be dealt with by a reasonably intelligent sunday school teacher. really, i love the guy as a media character, i'm a total sucker for his level of erudition (as i am for dawkins and obama and others) but really, this is just sad. bring back george carlin!

I'm still partial to leftbanker's version of this:

10 Commandments Update

Leftbanker is a bike advocate, eh?

I think I will post a create your own 10 commandments contest. I wish I could find the one I did a few months back, but for the life of me I can't seem to find it.

dug it up 4 ya. i don't know how to make the page come up at the right spot (lets see maybe it's automatic), you may need to scroll down a bit:

Cool, thanks. I will post that challenge a little later. Maybe we will get a few people before the weekend.

I was going to guess (as I often do here) if that Orca article came from The Onion, but I guess no.


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